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The world today is running fast. And this rat-race is so competitive that we all want to be ahead of everyone. What if you had ‘something’ that would boost your growth towards success and give you an upper hand in life without having to do anything?

Always wondered about ways to simplify life and work? How about some tools that could do this for your business? Amplify your business gigantically with ONPASSIVE’s predictive, intelligent business automation platform.

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What is the next big step in your career? A better workplace? The best version of YOU?
Whatever your plan is, we are here to help you move forward in the right direction toward the final destination.

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Current Openings

Join us and be a part of a bigger and better tomorrow!

Database Developer (MY SQL)

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 2-7 Years
Posted on: June, 1 2022

Senior UX Designer

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 4-7 Years
Posted on: April, 29 2022

Senior UI Designer

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 4-7 Years
Posted on: April, 29 2022

Storage Back-Up Administrator

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 7-10 Years
Posted on: April, 29 2022

Senior Performance Tester

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 4-7 Years
Posted on: April, 29 2022

Senior Data Scientist

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 4-7 Years
Posted on: April, 27 2022

Junior Data Scientist

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 1-4 Years
Posted on: April, 27 2022

Software Engineer - Angular

Job Type: Permanent

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 1-4 Years
Posted on: April, 27 2022


Expand the horizon of your career working with us. Settling for less is never an option as you work with ONPASSIVE. With a wide range of opportunities, we ensure that you don't compromise on what you deserve. With multiple innovative tech solutions and a great team spirit, learning is unavoidable, and eventually, growth is inevitable. Think big, think ONPASSIVE. 

We let you become your best version

We always encourage YOU to be you and provide endless opportunities to prove your self-driven ideas and opinions. Our leadership teams motivate every individual to achieve the dream of becoming an expert in the desired field, topping up with dedicated contributions. You'll truly enjoy working with cross-functional teams of highly-motivated and supportive teammates.

Paving a path for your growth

ONPASSIVE is an enabler of real growth. Recognizing and valuing excellent work with periodic appraisals and grand giveaways, ONPASSIVE never fails to encourage its best talent. An array of products ensures you gain knowledge across various domains and set yourself apart.   

Dynamic and exciting work culture 

Keeping a work-life balance is important to us as we value your work. ONPASSIVE can be your favorite abode. A platter of fun events like fun on Friday, Cricket tournaments, and team outings ensure you have a wonderful time working here. Facilities like complimentary lunch, flavorful tea and coffee, a comfortable place for relaxation, and a well-equipped pantry are available at our premises.

Explore Life at ONPASSIVE

Welcome to the world of Technology. ONPASSIVE sets an example of being an emerging IT company with its sophisticated infrastructure, situated amidst one of the prominent IT hubs of India.

The company’s culture is driven by our core values- Integrity, Gratitude, Innovation, Transparency, Trust, Accountability, and Leadership.

It’s always fun and engaging to work either individually or as a team. Together, we can have a great collaboration and an interest in helping each other with impressive skillsets from diverse backgrounds.

ONPASSIVE believes in the power of Technology and is committed to creating a better world. We are a tech organization run by passionate people for the betterment of humanity.


About Us

Work Place

Fun at Work

Career Growth @ ONPASSIVE

We are an equal opportunity workplace

Enhance Your Knowledge

At ONPASSIVE, we believe that learning is a continuous process, and that's where our knowledge center acts as a hub in initiating massive scope to up-skill employees and provide a platform to constantly empower professional journey. We aim to maximize your passion and potential to work at the fullest level.

Enrich your skills with training and development sessions

Employees at ONPASSIVE enlighten and educate each other by mutual sharing of thoughts and ideas. This program plays a key role in brainstorming and helps bridge knowledge gaps. And, for the betterment of our workforce, we conduct weekly Brown Bag sessions that are curated as a part of in-house training and development, with the motto to help employees enrich skills while creating a culture of continuous learning.

Positivism is the key to achieve career progress

At ONPASSIVE, employees are always rewarded for their valuable contributions. We follow the practice of rewarding and recognizing employees on a regular basis enabling employees to make a significant transition within the company. Thus employees can have a substantial career progression with our in-house training sessions and also jobs transition.

Rewards and Recognition

We always strive to reward our exceptional talents with something extraordinary such as monthly & weekly giveaways of brand new cars, iPhones, laptops, two-wheelers, cash prizes, double hikes, and many more.

Real People Real Story

Hear from ONPASSIVE employees

In this video, you can hear words from one of our employees, i.e., Ajay Kumar, who works as a delivery manager in this organization. ONPASSIVE is giving many opportunities during this pandemic situation. I’m delighted to be associated with this company. ONPASSIVE has unique thinking in marketing strategies, and the team is very enthusiastic, energetic. ONPASSIVE has good infrastructure, culture, and firm leadership with great vision.

Ajay Kumar.
Delivery Manager

ONPASSIVE has been an outstanding company to work for the past few months. I am incredibly pleased with the company’s handling of its operations during this difficult time in the wake of the global pandemic.

Mohammed Sarfaraz Ahmed.
IT Manager- Infrastructure

Some words enhance to go with more enthusiasm and strengthens our power. One of the ONPASSIVE employees said that “I’m Krishna Chaitanya, working as a Scrum Master and having 11 years of experience in the IT industry. Being part of the ONPASSIVE family makes me feel very amazing. Right now, working with outstanding products based on AI and ML. ONPASSIVE is the right place to grow your career in technology. If you are seriously thinking to showcase your skills in the IT industry, then join ONPASSIVE. We all together IN IT TO WIN IT.”

Krishna Chaitanya.
Scrum Master

Hi, This is Shiva Kumar. I have been working with ONPASSIVE for a year as a technical writer, and I’m delighted to be a part of this organization. Working with a product based company which is into Artificial Intelligence is very challenging.I should collaborate with all the teams, and the team members are very cooperative, management is approachable. We can build our career with ONPASSIVE.

Shiva Kumar.
Technical Writer

ONPASSIVE creates a path for the employees to get success in the future. In this video, you can hear some words said by one of our employees. Manikanta, working with the HRdepartment and feels glad and pleasure to work with this company. The management is very cooperative and supportive. Workculture is cool, exciting, and challenging. ONPASSIVE provides an opportunity to prove yourself in this ITworld.

HR Department

Mr. Premji talks about how ONPASSIVE fulfills business goals by aligning the right product strategies and roadmaps that ensure a successful journey in the Product Development Life Cycle.

Senior Product Manager

Interview Tips and Questions

Stay ahead of the race by giving your career a kickstart with ONPASSIVE

Let's walk through a few things you can do when preparing for an interview. Discover the wide range of Interview tips to take your career to the next level. Learn how your skills match real job titles through our knowledge-based blogs and see what an impact you can make on your career. We want to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

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