5 Crucial Tips for Creating and Formatting Your Resume

Before you begin writing your resume, you should follow some important tips to ensure that it lands in the hiring manager’s inbox. This will increase your chance of getting an interview and ensure that you can impress your hiring manager. Here are five tips or guidelines to make sure your resume lands in the right hands. Keep reading to know how to make your resume stand out! These tips will also help you create a new resume or format the old one.

1. Use The Correct Resume Format
First, you should use the correct resume format. A chronological resume lists your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with the latest position. You should list the employer, title, and dates of employment. Include any apprenticeships or previous roles. These should be listed in bullet points. You should also avoid making your resume look too long. It is best to format it in a way that is easy to read and can catch the eye of the hiring manager.

2. Mention Work Experience Properly
When arranging your work experience, use the reverse chronological order. This order is best for your resume. It helps the hiring manager scan your resume more quickly. In addition, you should choose a sans-serif font for maximum readability. The order of your job experience should be in reverse chronological order, starting with your company name, followed by the position and date. If the job title is listed before the date, you may miss it.

3. Keep It Short And Precise
You might have referred to multiple resume templates. What is common among professional resumes? They are short and precise. Remember that your resume is only one page long! When applying for a job, the HR manager gets hundreds or even thousands of resumes every month. Therefore, keeping it to one page is crucial, with clear section headings. Be sure to leave plenty of white space on the margins and in between sections. This will ensure your resume is unique and stands out from the rest. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to landing an interview!

4. Save Resume in PDF Format
If you’re writing a new resume, be sure to save it in PDF format. This way, the formatting of your resume will be preserved. Using a PDF format is the best option for sending your resume. By making a few changes, you can edit your resume and choose the best format for it. You can then apply for a job that matches your goals and interests. You can be confident that your resume will be accepted.

Whether you’re sending your resume to potential employers, you need to format it properly. If your resume is written in Word, make sure that it’s formatted in PDF. While it may appear good on your computer, it will not look as good when it’s received in an email. The best way to send a resume to the right place is to save it as a PDF file and keep it up to date.

5. Keep It Professional And Polished
Your resume should look professional and polished. A poorly-written resume will be ignored by hiring managers. A poorly-written resume will be hard to read and contain too many mistakes. So, it’s vital to make your resume easy to read. The format should be not only easy to read but also legible. The font should be readable, easy to scan, and easy to navigate. If you want to get a job, your resume should be readable and attractive to the employer.


When creating a new resume, it’s important to use an outline that helps you keep your resume organized. A template that follows these guidelines can be beneficial when preparing a new resume. The formatting should be simple and easy to read. It’s important to be professional. If your cover letter will be read by a hiring manager, it’s important to be professional. A cover letter is another way to impress a hiring manager.

Your resume is an ever-changing document. If you’ve changed your mind and gotten a job that you really wanted, you’ll probably want to change it. Perhaps you’ll add more skills or remove some to make it more appealing to the employer. Or you might want to try a different format. It’s entirely up to you, but these tips should be useful for any job-seeker.

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