It has come to our knowledge and attention that certain deceitful persons are sending out fake emails posing as ONPASSIVE & Limited (“ONPASSIVE”) with a sole intention to lure the job aspirants. The emails request that the receiver attend a face-to-face interview with ONPASSIVE and pay a specified amount as refundable interview security in a selected bank account. The emails are erroneously identified as coming from ONPASSIVE’s HR Department.

As a vigilant job seeker, we expect you not to fall prey of such deceiving emails and be aware that ONPASSIVE does not collect any money as a condition of employment. ONPASSIVE and its affiliate firms are not responsible for any funds that are placed or withdrawn as a result of such phishing emails.

We urge you to keep an eye out for the following telltale signs of a phishing email by using a deceptively similar name that of ONPASSIVE’s ID or domain name in these communications (or) to give it a genuine appearance.

ONPASSIVE has been taking necessary steps to address this problem.

In case you have any further queries on this, please reach out to us at