The Key Leadership Practices For Today’s New Normal

The global pandemic has impacted many industries and organizations in many ways. Most importantly, remote work has become the new normal, which has become essential in the current scenario. As a result, major industries and companies had to rely on work from home to ensure the safety of their employees.

However, these tough times have made it essential for companies to implement crisis management. Every year, the business leaders focus on the latest leadership trends that help the leaders tackle the crisis. But, now the situation has changed. Business leaders must be more responsible, and they have become much proactive in their thinking and decision making.

For any team to achieve its full potential and become the most influential in delivering value, leaders must stay true to their values and deliver clear and concise direction, supporting the organization’s strategies.

Many organizations are still working out exactly what they need to do regarding policies and procedures that deal with the changes. Leaders need to understand that the Covid challenge exposed many unconscious behaviors and assumptions about how a team operates, both as an individual contributor and as a larger team as a whole.

To manage this effectively and provide an efficient framework for implementing changes, leaders need to look at their behavior, determine where it is deficient, and put measures in place to correct it.

Latest Leadership Trends Of 2021

Today’s business leaders are using the latest leadership trends that help them improve their performance and gain popularity among the clients:

Building A Positive Work Culture

An organizational culture reveals its personality and plays a crucial role in influencing employee’s productivity. However, with many changes in the way businesses are functioning post-pandemic, business leaders need to rethink and re-structure their organizational culture.

Since organizations are functioning remotely, it is becoming increasingly important for business owners to bring significant changes in their work culture suitable for a remote working model.

The organizational culture should align with all team members irrespective of their location. Therefore, building a positive work culture with the latest technologies is crucial for a company’s success in the present scenario.

Developing A Changed Mindset

Agility is one of the essential qualities that any business leader must have. When leaders fail to make the right decisions at the right time, it may lead to business downfall. Therefore, developing a changed mindset is essential in the ongoing crisis situation.

This is considered a crucial leadership trend, especially in 2021, for the success of a business. Therefore, reviewing strategies and updating them ensure that all employees in the organization are ahead of the curve.

Providing Employees With Work From Anywhere Option

Companies should focus on providing employees with work from anywhere option, considering their concerns and present scenario. This results in a massive cultural shift, and almost all major organizations are adopting this practice which is currently the new normal.

Some of the benefits of this work model include:

  • Better disaster management
  • Lowering business expenses
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee retention
Empathetic Leadership

Business leaders need to think beyond the regular leadership style. In the current pandemic situation, leaders need to be genuinely open human beings, which most employees prefer these days.

In other words, It means connecting yourself with your employees rather than just focusing on your accomplishments. Therefore, leaders should work closely with their teams with mutual respect and showing empathy towards the workforce during any crisis, which eventually builds a loyal team.

Therefore, being a supportive, compassionate, and empathetic leader is one of the key leadership trends of 2021.

Bringing A Shift In Leadership Style

In today’s business world, business leaders need to emphasize their leadership practices and rectify their drawbacks to lead a team or company successfully.

Therefore, creating a flat culture and creating a friendly work environment is crucial to ensure a transparent flow of internal communication which helps to boost employee morale. In addition, following democratic leadership practices is also essential to increase employee productivity while enabling them to put forward their ideas and opinions.

The impact of the pandemic has taught businesses to adapt to changes, and the above-mentioned leadership trends help provide critical insights and the needs of the current work culture around the world for businesses.


It is crucial for business leaders to continually learn and implement new leadership practices to sustain themselves in the current competitive business world. This is an essential practice for the long-term success of the company. If the company does not continually develop and improve its process, leaders may replace another individual who practices good leadership.

That is why it’s important to make sure that every leader is aware of their goals and deliverables and work towards enhancing their practices to provide a great work environment that helps in churning out maximum productivity with fewer internal conflicts.

How ONPASSIVE Is Creating Opportunities For Millenials In The Present Uncertain Conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has developed as a severe worldwide threat, causing widespread damage in the past year. With more than 25% of employees forced to change jobs due to pandemic, existing trends in remote work, e-commerce, and automation have accelerated. The long-term impact of coronavirus is uncertain, but its consequences have already been disastrous for our healthcare system and economy. And although the immediate issues of rising unemployment and a stagnating economy have to be addressed today, companies also have to start contemplating how to rebuild employees.

Thus, ONPASSIVE, an AI-based tech company, believes that human creativity and effort will undoubtedly triumph over this catastrophe when the globe joins together to combat it. Further, all global issues require global solutions, and thus, we work with our employees, clients, partners, public institutions, and community organizations to meet the challenge.

Adhering to this, ONPASSIVE has planned an initiative that transforms the workforce environment and grows employee engagement. But before we learn more about this initiative, let’s understand how COVID-19 impact led to work expansion.

The COVID Impact

Many employees have lost their employment as a result of the pandemic’s economic uncertainties, while others have been exposed to nonstandard work patterns for the first time. Many companies cut their contractor budgets in response to the pandemic’s economic impact, although this has subsequently changed.

According to Gartner, organizations will continue to expand their use of contingent workers post-COVID-19 to maintain more flexibility in workforce management. They will consider introducing other job models seen during the pandemic, such as talent sharing and 80 percent pay for 80 percent work.

Thus, the pandemic has heightened ONPASSIVE’s tendency to take a greater interest in our employees’ financial, physical, and emotional health. Some of our perks include improved sick leave, financial help, rescheduled hours of operation, and child care arrangements.

ONPASSIVE’s Walk-In Drive

With the ‘Mission 1000’ as a new initiative, ONPASSIVE is conducting an Off-campus walk-in drive for all freshers and graduates for batch 2020 & 2021. With this drive, ONPASSIVE aims to provide various career opportunities for millennials in the present uncertain conditions.

All freshers and graduates can apply for various positions based on their skill set.

This initiative by ONPASSIVE allows fresh talents to explore the various fields of interest, understand their capabilities and broaden their career viewpoint.

Why Join Us?

Joining the ONPASSIVE family provides various benefits:

  • Quality working environment
  • Fantastic opportunity to learn, grow and explore
  • Ocean of an endless learning experience
  • Perfect work-life balance
  • High job security
  • Global work experience
  • Every talent is recognized
  • Open communication policy
  • Great career mobility

ONPASSIVE strives to promote consumer confidence, which has results in increased demand for workers.


ONPASSIVE aims to protect its employees’ health and well-being while supporting its aim to reach 1000 employees by the end of December 2021.

Earlier, ONPASSIVE took proactive efforts to mitigate the effect, such as allowing all employees to work from home, conducting crucial meetings via video conference, and creating safe working environments and practices. We established a large-scale initiative to maintain company continuity, allowing ONPASSIVE staff to operate from home. Our people’s safety is and will always be our first concern.

Explore Life At ONPASSIVE

Being an emerging AI tech company, we help revamp conventional businesses into entirely advanced Artificial Intelligence technology-enabled, digital firms. Our highly skilled and qualified employees build futuristic applications & tech solutions to serve our global customer base. We ONPASSIVIAN’s believe in the incredible power of technology, and we utilize it responsibly for the betterment of humanity.


ONPASSIVE is an exceptional place to work with. We facilitate a healthy and safe work environment for our staff. Regulations and policies at ONPASSIVE are non-discriminatory, inclusive, and virtuous. We encourage and empower our people to bring forth their best. We value and cherish individual opinions and innovative ideas.


Looking at the comfort and convenience of our staff, we started serving free lunch at our office. This noble initiative is to provide our staff with healthy, fresh, and wholesome food whilst offering a great work environment that encourages employees to stick around. We ensure to keep up with both, hygiene and deliciousness of the food that is being served to our staff.

Vaccination Drive

ONPASSIVE keeps up the promise of maintaining high business standards and utmost employee safety. Thereby it prioritizes the safety and well-being of its employees while managing the challenges of these unprecedented times. With a commitment to support them during an array of uncertainties and to safeguard employees and their families from the fatal Coronavirus, ONPASSIVE is conducting vaccination drives at regular intervals. In addition, our staff is relentlessly working towards a smooth organization of the event with minimum waiting times and in utmost sanitized and safe conditions.

Flexible Work Environment

The challenges exhibited by the global pandemic have taken an enormous toll on the entire business world. We at ONPASSIVE are sensitive towards this issue, and we care deeply about the overall well-being of our staff. Thus, we came up with a hybrid work model to facilitate flexible working dynamics. Thereby, we allowed our employees to work from home and from an office in shifts and ensured safety. It also helped us keep up with the productivity of our employees. Through this model, we could minimize the intensity of work stress and help them maintain mental stability during challenging times.

Facilities At The Workplace

ONPASSIVE offers various facilities to enable a pleasant workplace for its employees and staff. We provide a hygienic sanitation facility. Moreover, the ONPASSIVE cafeteria offers different varieties of coffee, tea, and other drinks. This cafeteria also is the perfect place to relax and have a short leisure time during the everyday hassles of work. All these simple but thoughtful initiatives like free lunch and pantry make ONPASSIVE one of the most comfortable and congenial workplaces.

Monthly & Weekly Giveaways of Brand-New SUV Cars, iPhones, and Many More…

We at ONPASSIVE value every significant contribution of our employees and thus make sure to offer them an inspiring environment, continuous growth opportunities, and an encouraging workplace. We convey our appreciation as often as possible to help our team feel their efforts are being recognized and valued from time to time.

We strongly believe that any business can attain success and efficiency only through its employees and their relentless commitment to achieving organizational goals. Hence, we always strive to reward our exceptional talents with something extraordinary such as monthly & weekly giveaways of brand new cars, iPhones, laptops, two-wheelers, cash prizes, double hikes, and many more.

Evolving as a Global Company

ONPASSIVE has spread its wings wide onto the global market to help businesses around the world drive digital transformation with a suite of fully-automated SaaS products. Headquartered in Hyderabad, we have branches in the top IT hubs of the world – Singapore, and Dubai. Having offices on the top floors (134th and 151st) of the world’s tallest tower – Burj Khalifa, ONPASSIVE predominantly aims to reach new heights in the business world. Considering employee safety and well-being as a top priority, the office ensures a safe working environment, adhering to all the safety standards and guidelines.

Mr. Ash Mufareh, the CEO of the company, with a goal to uplift humanity in every possible way, along with a team of sophisticated leaders, exhibiting their constant efforts to make ONPASSIVE a global company. With a set of futuristic AI-powered tools, the organization is all set to offer intelligent digital solutions for all real-time business problems.

Fun On Friday

We are an organization that encourages our employees to have some fun amidst their work responsibilities. We make sure if our staff and employees have a good time working with us. Fun on Friday is one such playful event that we organize every Friday for an hour. During this time, employees can participate in different games and fun activities.

Performance Management

At ONPASSIVE, we have an employee-centric interface that offers an ecstatic experience to our employees by facilitating engaging and driven culture. We recognize and cherish the best performers through rewards & recognition programs.

Get ready to start your ONPASSIVE journey

We provide you with the best career opportunities that help you achieve your professional goals in the right direction. Come, be a part of a revolutionary technology world that is going to change the future. If you are in it, we help you win it!